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What is hypnosis?

The word “hypnosis” is a derivative of the Greek word hypnos, meaning “sleep.” The hypnosis practitioner uses…

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During hypnosis, relaxation is experienced and thought processes become more focused. Hypnosis lowers blood pressure…

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Anyone who answers our phone usually hears one or both of these questions:“Why a free screening?” and “When can I schedule my free screening?”

  1. It is pure and simple, unless we can help you, you don’t pay us!.
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  3. We believe many people want change in their lives and we have programs that will accomplish that. We offer you a low-risk way to find out if you are the right person for one of those programs.
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Childhood Stress (for Parents)

Childhood Stress (for Parents) Sometimes I wish I was a kid again, don’t you? I would play all day long, have fun, not go to work, and not worry about paying bills. However, the world of children is not necessarily free of worry. When I am helping kids, I listen to their stories and observe…

3 Simple Tricks for Eating Less Sugar

Did you know that sugar is highly addictive? Consider this:   White sugar’s chemical formula is C12H22O11. Pure cocaine’s chemical formula is C17H21NO4.   The resemblance is quite striking, isn’t it?   Scientists are still disputing the effect sugar has on our brain and body. Nonetheless, its addictive component has been recognized, helping us understand…

How Can You Protect Yourself from Stress?

When you turn on the TV or check your newsfeed, chances are you’ll be hit with some sort of a negative story. Although statistically, violent crimes in American are falling, we’ve probably never felt so much tension and anxiety about our safety. According to the Pew Research Center, less than half of all violent crimes…

Life is Not Always What It Seems

Sometimes life is not what it seems Sometimes our senses deceive us. What we think and perceive is gathered through our senses then sorted within our brain to create a useful interpretation of our world. But our senses are not perfect. Clarifying information is beneficial and allows us to determine what is the essential data…

How Often Have You Heard Yourself Saying: “Yes, I Want To Stop But I Have Not Been Able To?”

  Do you know you were not born a smoker? Of course, you do! One day you chose to smoke, and now you continue to smoke. Do you know why? Maybe you do, or maybe you do not. But only you can make a change but you have to be ready. There are no magical cures –…

The Distilled Essence Of Your Feelings, Attitudes, and Emotions

Photo by Rasmus Svinding from Pexels Feelings, attitudes, and emotions are the basis for every human difficulty. They start us on patterns of behavior and then leave us on them long after they have gone. There is hardly a person who remembers the pleasure as an infant of receiving a bottle of warm milk. It was…

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