Do you know you were not born a smoker? Of course, you do! One day you chose to smoke, and now you continue to smoke.

Do you know why?

Maybe you do, or maybe you do not. But only you can make a change but you have to be ready.

There are no magical cures – no magic medicines without a side effect – or waving wands that will remove your addiction. Although there is a way to become a permanent non-smoker that is easier and less painful than self-denial. It can be achieved with focusing, relaxation and imagination and establishing a new attitude toward smoking, to benefit you into your future. Many thousands of people have stopped smoking, and you can do this also without difficulty.

However, what is important is that first, you need to make a decision. Any outcome, positive or negative, comes about when you, yourself, decide that you want to make a change.  Regarding smoking or any other habit, others may want you to make a change, but the real commitment comes from you. You were born with that brain, and it is going to be with you for the rest of your life. You will need to reeducate it. You will need to retrain your nervous system to repeal a certain behavior, maybe even two, and reverse that self-destructive habit. You are the master of your life, but maybe you do not yet know it.

If you decide to start working on these new techniques and drop out along the way, it may be that you are comfortable with being uncomfortable and undoubtedly will not change until into your future. You will be one of the people who say, “I almost made it.” But do you want to be that person who starts a project, and just when success is approaching, you peculiarly give up?

If you are serious about being a non-smoker and are willing to practice being intrigued with yourself every day, you will surely succeed through a heightened state of awareness, also called self-hypnosis.

Many smokers do not want to stop smoking. When they come into my office they will say that a family member, a friend, a co-worker or someone else has judged them for smoking. However, judging another does not help someone to quit. It makes that person less likely to try again. Criticism is counterproductive.

However, if you want to be a non-smoker, you are a candidate for this easy method. Have you not been able to talk yourself into stopping?  What if you could find a way to stimulate your mind to decide to stop inhaling nicotine and living a healthier and happier life? When would you want to begin?

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