How to Set Great Goals and Move More

(Easy Steps to Motivate Yourself and Have Fun While Getting Things Done)   How many times have you made a promise to yourself that you’ll start exercising more? You might have even bought a gym membership. You started going. But after the initial spike in motivation, the visits became less and less regular. Does that…

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Move: For most of us, when we were a child, it was a simple thing. You are designed to walk, run, jump, and move items. But as you got older, how often did you use your body less and less? How often do you sit, remaining in that same position, repeating it each day?  …

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Hypnotherapy Can Help You Achieve Behavior Change

Do you remember The Biggest Loser, a reality show that featured overweight contestants trying to lose weight? Bombarded with different activities and interventions, a lot of the participants lost a considerable amount of weight. Have you ever wondered if they kept it off? Six years after the original show, a research team from the National…

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