From Anxiety to Serenity: How Lily Found Peace with Hypnosis

Anxiety in a storm

Click here for a free exclusive and transformative Anxiety Screening   In the quaint little town of Savannah, Illinois, there lived a young woman named . She was known for her radiant smile, warm heart, and gentle spirit that touched everyone she met. Lily’s days were filled with laughter and joy, and she had an…

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Unlocking Resilience: How Hypnosis Can Empower Your Journey

A happy resilient cancer patient in black hypnosis recliner chair 3

             Building resilience has become an essential skill as we continue to navigate the uncertainties and challenges of the world today. Resilience is the ability to adapt and bounce back from adversity, and it can help us better cope with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. While there are many techniques for building…

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Move: For most of us, when we were a child, it was a simple thing. You are designed to walk, run, jump, and move items. But as you got older, how often did you use your body less and less? How often do you sit, remaining in that same position, repeating it each day?  …

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How Does Loss Effect You?

  Visualize this picture: As a hypnotherapist, I have two clients. They are a similar age and are the same gender. Both experienced the loss of a partner at roughly the same period in life. Therefore, I can rationally expect that both will have a similar reaction to their loss and both will benefit from similar techniques…

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