Are You Suffering From Preoperative Anxiety?

Hospital anxiety

Having surgery is never easy. Patients worry that the procedure is successful and that they recover well. It’s totally fine to be afraid. But when that fear is excessive and keeps them from functioning normally, it can become a bigger problem. In this article, we’ll talk about preoperative anxiety and tips on how to help…

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help Prepare Overweight Patients for Surgery?

We know that obesity and smoking are major burdens on the US healthcare system. Despite public health efforts, over two-thirds of US adults are considered overweight or obese.[1] This increases their risk of a number of medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and some types of cancer.[2] High BMI (Body Mass Index) also reduces…

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Are The Words Of The Hypnotist A Placebo?

While the placebo effect can be powerful, it is sometimes stated incorrectly that hypnosis works as a placebo, and that the effects of hypnosis are merely a placebo effect due to the patient’s beliefs and expectations. While positive expectancy is an important part of hypnosis, hypnosis is not the same as the placebo effect in…

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