Are You Constantly on the Run?

Our current Western lifestyle holds us in a perpetual state of stress. The response that used to be natural and protected us—the famous fight-or-flight—became our worst enemy. We now often behave as if we were a fugitive 24-hours a day. Sounds familiar? However, the body and mind are not designed to be constantly braced for…

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Anxiety and panic attacks

  Anxiety is regarded as a feeling of unease or worry. All of us experience this from time to time, but for some it becomes common and problematic. If you feel anxious more than others do, you could be suffering from clinical anxiety. Many conditions cause anxiety, including: Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)– A condition where…

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How Does Panic Affect Your Sleep?

Panic attacks If you have ever been so afraid that you have feared for your life, you understand what panic feels like. You possess an overpowering sense of dread, your heart beats rapidly and you notice it is difficult to control your breathing. With some people, this powerful affect and its accompanying symptoms can occur…

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