Did You Realize How Much Your Childhood Affects Your Life Today?

Past Tense… Many events in our lives were imprinted in the prenatal environment and at birth. Many experiences of earlier events can be seen in our present lives. Hypnosis healthcare can help adults cope with issues they never even knew existed. During the 9 months of pregnancy, early traumatic events are stamped into an individual.…

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A prenatal infant handles the intensity of emotions

Difficulties such as anxiety or depression have various causes. Personality difficulties such as passivity or negative beliefs such as telling yourself or others “it’s all my fault” have causes from the past. The same is true for many physical difficulties. Discovering earlier experiences can be the causation for present complaints and conditions. Past events can…

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Hypnosis to early life experiences

When a client is hypnotized and regressed to the prenatal stage, many times the feelings and emotions expressed are those of the mother. The infant’s understanding from the womb is blissful or painful, depending on the feeling received from the mother. These experiences begin to influence the personality throughout your life if there is no…

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