Looking For a Positive Change ?

Cristofer Jeschke Do you know anyone who is so self-focused that they seem to dwell on all the things that were going wrong in their life? They may not quit talking about their difficulties. Perhaps you wondered what was wrong with that person, their life so out of control that they experienced one crisis after…

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Is Your Relationship Solid Enough to Survive the Holidays?

Relationships are not easy at the best of times. During the holidays, however, the pressures can increase even further. Spending time with relatives and estranged families, introducing your new beau to other people in your life, meeting (your partner’s) friends, feeling the financial strain of Christmas shopping, cooking and entertaining like there is no tomorrow.…

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What is Stopping You From Moving Forward?

It is important to realize your thoughts can bring into reality the things you want and also the things you do not. Whatever you fear the most and think about often will occur.     An example:  You may enjoy daily walks, but you believe that that the discomfort in your hip or your knee is…

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