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Find Your Voice

Covenant Living at the Holmstad
700 W Fabyan Pkwy, Batavia, IL 60510

Sunday October 27, 2022


Feelings of loneliness and isolation affect all types and ages of people, although some are more likely to be impacted than others. it does not matter if you have 500 Facebook friends because that vast network cannot alleviate the emotional feeling of loneliness. This program is designed for you, the someone who feels shy. It is about increasing your courage.


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Client thoughts from our Workshops

I came into Medvesta to stop drinking wine. After my last visit, I no longer have any desire to drink wine. The test was a girls weekend where all my favorite friends were enjoying their wine and I didn’t even want any.  It’s now a few weeks later and still not drinking wine. And I have lost 6 pounds so far.

Previously I had hypnotherapy to stop eating chocolate. again hypnotherapy worked. It has been 30+ years and I will no longer crave chocolate.


Linda S. (Aurora)

My approach to the chaos of work is now more relaxed, controlled, and methodical. Procrastination is still present, but more easily overcome. I am tackling projects that have been idle for months.

I feel more productive, more alert (in a relaxed sort of way), and more even a little younger. In the last two weeks, colleagues have mentioned a noticeable but unidentifiable change.


Brad W. (Sugar Grove)

I wanted to stop smoking. I thought that I was not one that could be successfully hypnotized. 

After just three sessions, I was able to relax and was able to reduce how often I was smoking. I really like the individualized sessions to and they helped me see myself as a non-smoker… breathing fresh air.


Linda F. (Rockford)

I was sad because of a disagreement with my daughter. I was very upset. Steve helped me at home one time to feel better about myself and taught me how to sleep better


Adelmira G. (Plainfield)

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