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My Hypnosis Practice

I am a Hypnotherapist using my experience as a Registered Nurse to help you make changes in your life. Medvesta is located in Batavia and Chicago, IL.

Hypnosis has helped both adults and children, with medical conditions including Allergies, Asthma, Cancer and adverse effects, GERD, Heart Disease, Hypertension, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome from along with their accompanying treatments of these.

Hypnosis Can Help You Break Unwanted Habits

Many people have a habit or two that they would like to be free of, but overcoming them can be difficult. Hypnotherapy helps to address negative subconscious messages that are associated with bad habits that cause you to repeat unwanted behaviors. Using hypnosis, you can begin to change your negative internal urges by incorporating positive messages that give you mental and emotional strength. Hypnosis creates a change for the better. It has been used to address many habits from overspending to overeating, drinking too much to smoking and from being in pain to experiencing extreme stress. It can also put an end to that procrastination that undermines your efficiency at home and work that prevents you from accomplishing essential tasks within your life 

I use skills from both Hypnosis and Nursing supplemented, continuing my education in Hypnosis, Oncology, Rheumatology, and the Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) fields. My practice is based on working with clients and their health care teams to enhance their current care. I have studied under some of the finest mentors.

I received Certifications in Pain Management and Anger Management. I have seen individuals experiencing Cancer and the result of their treatments at home for Pain Management and adverse effects from their medications. My programs also help to support the caregiver.

Medvesta Hypnosis was initiated to provide high-quality hypnosis sessions to those facing difficult conditions.

My personal mission is to use hypnosis and my knowledge in the fields of health care to address conditions and symptoms that are negatively affecting a patient or significant other’s health and wellness. I am prepared to assist individuals with developing plans that support their personal health and wellness goals.

Please call for additional information and free consultation to learn how I can help you to achieve positive changes in your life.


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