How Do You Empower Yourself and Take Control of Your Life?

How Can You Eliminate Anxiety and Stressful Situations?

Our team of specialists will use our vast skills and experience in Healthcare and Hypnotherapy to help you find your inner strength and connect with the positives in your life to make improvements in yourself.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Our team works with you on decreasing the length and occurrences of moods and habits. We give you the tools to empower yourself through mental and emotional self-management during periods of stress.

Together we will help you to align yourself, improve your perceptions, your moods, and your overall health.

Who are we?

Image of Steve Cohen Hypnotherapist

Steve Cohen RN MSN CHt


I am a Registered Nurse, a Hypnotherapist, an Advocate for your wellbeing. People come to me when they are lost, confused, frustrated, or concerned about something related to their mental, physical, or emotional health.

I listen.  I allow you to ask questions. You receive information that helps you to understand yourself better. You also are directed toward other resources that will give you peace of mind so you can become a better you.

When you come in to make a change, we use your imagination. Imagination is your ability to conjure new realities and possibilities. It is your power to see beyond your present, to transcend the actual, and construct a new conceivable. You view your past differently and reinterpret it. You anticipate a change in your future. You generate new ideas and solutions for a given problem or situation by putting your imagination to work. It is fun placing new ideas into practice by imagining your possibilities.


Larisa Zolotova

People have asked me, “can light therapy promote healing?” Light therapy is believed to affect brain chemicals associated with mood and sleep, including easing symptoms of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other related conditions.

During my previous experiences, I realized correctly diagnosing a person’s medical problems is essential. I had met many people who took different medications to help with their physical or mental difficulties. They were considered physically sick by a medical examination but were also suffering from various stress-related illnesses, including anxiety, insomnia, and headaches.

I believe that good medical care requires that you realize that an event or an emotion, may cause a symptom that you are experiencing. So I help you find a better way of coping with or changing it.

At Medvesta Hypnosis, I help you to obtain powerful tools to change your life from stress and emotional uneasiness to well being. The tool I use is light therapy. It is drug-free and provides three of the safest and most beneficial of the light spectrum.

Please be sure to check out Larissa's Revitalizing Light program

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We are excited to talk with you. Our programs are designed to help you get results.

You can move past negative images establishing new beliefs and new behaviors. You do not have to be locked forever into behaviors that are not appropriate conduct for a fully functioning person. Through hypnosis and other techniques, that programming can be changed to transform your life. All you need to do is imagine your possibilities.

Happy thoughts from Medvesta Hypnosis clients

I came into Medvesta to stop drinking wine. After my last visit, I no longer have any desire to drink wine. The test was a girls weekend where all my favorite friends were enjoying their wine and I didn’t even want any.  It’s now a few weeks later and still not drinking wine. And I have lost 6 pounds so far.

Previously I had hypnotherapy to stop eating chocolate. again hypnotherapy worked. It has been 30+ years and I will no longer crave chocolate.

Linda S. (Aurora)

My approach to the chaos of work is now more relaxed, controlled, and methodical. Procrastination is still present, but more easily overcome. I am tackling projects that have been idle for months.

I feel more productive, more alert (in a relaxed sort of way), and more even a little younger. In the last two weeks, colleagues have mentioned a noticeable but unidentifiable change.


Brad W. (Sugar Grove)

I wanted to stop smoking. I thought that I was not one that could be successfully hypnotized. 

After just three sessions, I was able to relax and was able to reduce how often I was smoking. I really like the individualized sessions to and they helped me see myself as a non-smoker… breathing fresh air.

Linda F. (Rockford)

I was sad because of a disagreement with my daughter. I was very upset. Steve helped me at home one time to feel better about myself and taught me how to sleep better


Adelmira G. (Plainfield)

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