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Thought-Provoking Presentations for Effective Workplace Stress Management

Avoid Burnout, Reduce Stress, and Increase Retention

The last few years have been a struggle for people and businesses alike, and it is fascinating how the indomitable human spirit adapts to changing circumstances. When adversity strikes, there are always some who emerge as heroes, people who put themselves at risk every day to protect others. One such heroic fraction is that of the healthcare workers.

As a CEO, executive, or manager, you expect your team to bring their A-game to work every day, and perhaps they do. Healthcare workers are committed to taking care of people, and with more patients than ever, they are constantly on their toes and wearing multiple hats. Even when your team is a group of seemingly motivated life saviors, you know that behind their scrubs and masks, they are people who, just like everyone else, are vulnerable to stress, fatigue, burnout, and anxiety. Many deal with it fine, but imagine giving them new tools to ensure their sanitety and improve retention.

A Proven 5-Step Livability Framework by Steve Cohen is designed to approach and overcome the challenges faced by healthcare workers:

Professional Viewpoint

Poor performance

Decreased productivity

Lack of focus

Less motivation

High turnover

Communication issues


Increased number of errors

Lack of cohesion

Personal Viewpoint






Irritable bowel syndrome

Pain management


Sleep disorders

Navigating the New Normal with New Means

Discover how Steve Cohen can help you maintain a positive workplace culture by assisting your team in managing and improving their emotional health.  A Registered Nurse and founder of Medvesta Hypnosis Healthcare, Steve works with Healthcare workers to help them cope, relax and sleep better – all of which have been proven to impact one’s performance at work.

Presenting 07.24.2022 @ Elmhurst College

Virtual and in-person presentations aimed at handling workplace stress and anxiety, backed by three decades of working in healthcare and continuing education, makes Steve Cohen a remarkable resource that would benefit your staff, boost productivity, promote happier and healthier existence, and elevate work culture.

Steve Cohen enables you and your team to explore:

How a refreshed mindset and belief in yourself can lead to better health than you ever thought possible

Why confidence is more alluring than perfection

How your perceived flaws provide character and make you unique

Happy Thoughts From Happy Clients

“My approach to the chaos of work is now more relaxed, controlled, and methodical. I feel more productive, more alert, and even a little younger. In the last two weeks, colleagues have mentioned a noticeable but identifiable change.

-Brad W.

I feel much better because I understand better what was wrong. I even saw my old counselor once. She saw my change and asked for Mr. Cohen's number.”

-Roberta B.

“I had always wondered how hypnosis worked and whether it would be effective for me. So I was definitely happy to learn ways to improve my life including using EFT and self-hypnosis. These alone made the appointments worth coming in for. Steve really listened to my concerns and helped me. I probably will come back in a few months to work on a few other concerns.”

-Hannah M.

“Are you struggling to establish healthier habits in your life? Are you allowing self-limiting beliefs to rob you from reaching your potential? If so, work with Steve to reclaim and transform your life. He will spend time getting to know you and determining if he’s a good fit for helping you. He’s a trusted, experienced professional who will work with and support you to achieve results. I highly recommend him and his services!”

-Michael S.

“I have gone through Medvesta Hypnosis Healthcare with Steve Cohen and can tell you truthfully how much working with him helped my stress when was going through a difficult time. I highly recommend Steve without any reservation! He is experienced, trustworthy and very caring!

-Jeffrey A.

An Advocate for Patients' Well-Being

Steve Cohen helps healthcare workers manage stress, anxiety, pain, and sorrow without pharmaceuticals. He works with, not against, the medical field to help clients become more proactive with their health, and he assists clients in decreasing excess health costs.

A registered nurse with 30 years in healthcare, Steve earned his diploma in hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, a nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy, graduating with honors in 2017.

He’s a member of the American Hypnosis Association, from whom he has earned 10 certifications. His continuing education and research often lead him to better forms of care and treatment, and they could mean access for clients to new and innovative therapy solutions.

Headshot of Steve Cohen

Help your staff take back control of their health and live a life of abundance in 2022 and beyond. Hire Steve Cohen to speak to your healthcare group or organization.