Looking to Kick the Habit?

Hypnotherapy works by helping you break away from damaging or
unhelpful, thought processes, and habits.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Smokers

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You Can Stop Smoking

For most people, the absolute worst way to attempt to deal with a smoking habit is through the use of will power. Like moods and emotions, will power fluctuates. One day it is strong. The next day may be a down day and will power fades. it is usually neither consistent nor effective. 

Reasons For Smoking

There are two principle reasons for smoking:

  • identification
  • replacement

Identification is the situation in which the smoker indulges in the habit because others whom he admires do so— parents, peers, entertainment or sports figures, etc. Identification smoking is the most common and the easiest to eliminate. 

Replacement smoking occurs when smoking is used to replace some deficit in life— lack of companionship, love, acceptance, self- esteem, security, independence, etc.—or to replace some pre-existing habit such as overeating, reaction to anxiety or boredom, etc.

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One of the most powerful attributes of the human psyche is the visualization ability. Many hypnotists, working with many types of problems, program clients to accept the belief that, “What the mind can conceive, you can achieve!”

Once a smoker has achieved success in a stop-smoking program it is necessary to reinforce the programming that led to the cessation of the practice. Smoking habits are acquired over a long period of time. Even though the smoker may have ceased smoking, the habit is likely to still be active.


Medvesta Hypnosis, will help you kick the habit

Smokers, like you come to us when they are unable to stop smoking on their own. Our methods work. We listen to you and focus on your specific needs. We will give you information that helps you to understand yourself better.

You will leave with peace of mind so you can become a better version of yourself.

Take the first step...

Happy thoughts from Medvesta Hypnosis clients

I came into Medvesta to stop drinking wine. After my last visit, I no longer have any desire to drink wine. The test was a girls weekend where all my favorite friends were enjoying their wine and I didn’t even want any.  It’s now a few weeks later and still not drinking wine. And I have lost 6 pounds so far.

Previously I had hypnotherapy to stop eating chocolate. again hypnotherapy worked. It has been 30+ years and I will no longer crave chocolate.

Linda S. (Aurora)

My approach to the chaos of work is now more relaxed, controlled, and methodical. Procrastination is still present, but more easily overcome. I am tackling projects that have been idle for months.

I feel more productive, more alert (in a relaxed sort of way), and more even a little younger. In the last two weeks, colleagues have mentioned a noticeable but unidentifiable change.

Brad W. (Sugar Grove)

I wanted to stop smoking. I thought that I was not one that could be successfully hypnotized. 

After just three sessions, I was able to relax and was able to reduce how often I was smoking. I really like the individualized sessions to and they helped me see myself as a non-smoker… breathing fresh air.


Linda F. (Rockford)

I was sad because of a disagreement with my daughter. I was very upset. Steve helped me at home one time to feel better about myself and taught me how to sleep better

Adelmira G. (Plainfield)

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