Cristofer Jeschke

Do you know anyone who is so self-focused that they seem to dwell on all the things that were going wrong in their life? They may not quit talking about their difficulties. Perhaps you wondered what was wrong with that person, their life so out of control that they experienced one crisis after another. They had more than enough problems to last several lifetimes.

We have to realize their outer life may merely be is a reflection of their inner world. Knowingly or unconsciously, that person is attracting more of what he or she is thinking about the most. Most likely, he or she is dwelling on everything that could go wrong or get worse.

Thoughts can elevate us to joyful heights or cause us to drop into despair. When we think positively, we bring or attract positive situations and people into our lives. But when we are focused on a negative instance in our life, we begin to invite more negativity. Thoughts are charged with positive or negative emotions and are seldom neutral.

If we want goodness in our lives, we need to be kind or grateful.

Not only at this time of the year, but every day, find some piece of elation, some harmony, or a memory of joy.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath in with the thought of that memory. Then send it out to others around you as your gift. Preserve your positive mind by replacing those thoughts that were once clutter, worry, and fear.

Do not give up your mental energy to negative thinking. Just let it go. Just let go. Remember to bring a positive thought into your mind and draw more of that into your life.

Medvesta Hypnosis can help you gradually build on your positives until they become second nature. We will short circuit that previous chain of thoughts and reevaluate your assumptions. The great thing about this is it gives you an opportunity to test out what really is happening in a situation and you can see what is more likely to come true.

No matter how you address a thought or a feeling, the most important thing is recognizing when you are experiencing a negative one. We can then actively work together to conquer it so it does not consume you. If left unchecked, it can zap your energy and make life less fun.

Do not allow yourself to change what you really want to do.


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