Everything we do involves a thought process. Everything we consider, everything we reject, what we consider important, what we consider insignificant, our friends, our enemies, the jobs we work, the places we choose to live, or how we parent, all are due to a thought process.


To experience a positive change in our lives, it is too important to leave our lives to chance. Through assisting our subconscious mind, we can take command of the thinking that usually commands us. No matter the circumstance or goals, where we are or what difficulties we face, we become better off if we take control of our thinking.


As a hypnotist in the healthcare field, I do not hypnotize you. It requires that you learn to observe, monitor, analyze, assess, and reconstruct your thinking as we, you and I, guide you. It requires building habits because everything positive in your life came to be as an implication for an act that initially took place in your mind. It required a specific dedication and perseverance to do something or do nothing.


Positive changes can be made if taken seriously and continued throughout our lifetime. Starting tomorrow,  I will show you how to use your mind to improve your mind. Each of these ideas will assist you take command of the mind that controls your thoughts, emotions, desires, and behavior.