Today, we will focus on one idea. Tomorrow another and on the third day, you focus on the
third idea in regard to your second and the first day. Each day you will grow. Each day another new and important idea into your thought process. As move forward, you will always experience a focus enhanced by the rationale and interaction with, other potent ideas.

As you move forward each day, you will incorporate prior learned ideas with newer ones. Allowing one strong idea to connect to another positive idea is crucial in obtaining success. Long-term success will continue on after you proceed past these days you spend here with me as you become an independent thinker. As you apply what you internalize, you will begin to notice advances in your life.

You should find yourself
• improving your communication of ideas while better comprehending others.
• improving on understanding of others issues and developing better problem solving.
• seeking more balanced goals which are easier to acquire.
• experiencing better restraint over your emotions.
• less submissive and intimidated.
• discarding negative baggage kept from childhood.
• examining social conventions and taboos.
• becoming better educated through understanding your history and it’s effect on your worldview.
• developing intellectual growth as a long-term process.