During hypnosis, focusing a client’s concentration back toward childhood can uncover various valuable experiences and patterns that were planted deep below the surface of the conscious mind. Guiding a client to an earlier life experience can enhance memories beyond the normal recall of a childhood event and many times correct it. The specifics are not always critical, but the re-occurrence of a pattern that is exposed through the details is significant. An old pattern can affect other pieces within a life. The continuance of a pattern and its effect is startling, notably during periods of loneliness, loss or isolation.

It is necessary to know an individual’s experiences and the judgments made prior to adulthood. It is possible to change a pattern that was apparent during childhood by approaching the pattern through another personality. An established pattern takes form and becomes a part of the personality operating freely by the age of three or four. This pattern can develop so specifically that an individual may be addressed by a derogatory name to describe the pattern. During a hypnosis session, an individual may become cognizant of this dominating pattern then communicate and confront it, persuading the subconscious of its inappropriateness. In our hypnosis session, the client initiates a new pattern into their life. There usually is comprehension of the original pattern’s function in defending the individual, and releasing it by validating that the need for it has been outgrown, a process called reframing.

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It is important to have the capability to incorporate new positive tendencies for the individual to recognize. Many individuals as children were loved conditionally; they were acknowledged when they met standards that an adult or maybe another person older than themselves may have created. Many traits such as sadness or anger may have been frowned upon in a family, and the child may have obtained this attitude or one similar.  The individual then maneuvers through life, embracing an impaired self-image. At this point, a therapeutic atmosphere needs to be implemented.