Have you ever heard, “ask and ye shall receive,” “like attracts like,” or “birds of a feather flock together?” Then you may be aware that your thoughts attract other similar people, situations and circumstances, positive and negative.

It is true that you get what you want when you are 1) clear about what you want; 2) strengthen your wish for what you want with emotion, visualization and communication with others about it and trust that it will come, and 3) express appreciation for what you already possess and that which you will possess, even if it has no yet materialized.

Your thoughts can become emotionally charged. When you want something, perhaps a new car, you feel emotions every time your mind thinks about having that new vehicle. Maybe it is the smell of the new car, your friends admiring it, the thought of lowering the windows and having the wind blow in your face. You are filled with anticipation at the possibility of having your desire satisfied. You believe you can have it. You deserve to have it. It will arrive. You may even consider ways to make it appear even faster, developing a plan for the getting the currency to go get it.

But realize that your thoughts can also invite things into your life that you do not want. As I have counseled individuals, I have found that whatever you fear the most and think about often can also appear or remain. For example, you may love travel, but you possess a paramount fear you will meet your demise driving on the highway or traveling in a plane. Repetitive thoughts that are filled with fear or anxiety can cause an event to occur or worsen unless you are able to let go. I assist my patients to let go. Do not give up traveling to the places you dream of. Instead, be focused, thoughtful and prudent about taking that trip. Be aware of precautions to take so as to have safe travels. We can replace your fearful thoughts with strong beliefs in a strength within you and remaining within you at all times guaranteeing your safety.

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