What is Stopping You From Moving Forward?

It is important to realize your thoughts can bring into reality the things you want and also the things you do not. Whatever you fear the most and think about often will occur.     An example:  You may enjoy daily walks, but you believe that that the discomfort in your hip or your knee is a sign to stop. And so you remain within your home, your room or your space.

Repetitive thoughts that are charged with anxiety can become real and can become a reality unless you let them go. I had an 81-year-old patient, Dan, who mentioned to his physician that he had pain in his right knee after walking. The physician did not ask him how fast he was walking or where was he walking or even how far. (He was walking two miles each day on an unpaved path). His physician told him to limit his walking to preserve his not only his “bad” knee but also the “good” one.

But Dan, the patient, somehow believed the word ‘limit” to mean “stop.” And maybe his Dr. did want him to stop but Dan never questioned.

So the pain in his knee seemed to worsen each day as he thought about the degeneration that was taking place. He shared with friends and loved ones the pain he was experiencing. They made him realize, that he was “81 years old and that knee pain and also memory worsen as we age.” These conversations reinforced those negative thoughts in his head.

Dan and I talked about dismissing those thoughts. Not giving up on daily movement. Instead, measuring, thinking about the steps that had already taken, the miles Dan still had to go, the places he had seen and the places he would soon travel. We visualized in his mind what he hoped he would see, imagined the sounds he would hear, the scents he would breathe, the sun warming his skin. He knew the precautionary signs to be aware of to keep himself safe. Replacing an apprehensive thought with a sure-fire belief in the abilities that he had not realized.

Today, Dan continues to walk two miles some days…. while other days, he may only walk a mile and a half. But he has learned to never, never, never allow the thoughts of another to stop the thoughts of his own.

What is stopping you from moving forward?

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