Life is Not Always What It Seems

Sometimes life is not what it seems

Sometimes our senses deceive us.

What we think and perceive is gathered through our senses then sorted within our brain to create a useful interpretation of our world. But our senses are not perfect. Clarifying information is beneficial and allows us to determine what is the essential data arriving from within our environment.

But, the volume of information we receive has grown exponentially. We may not realize it, but we are pumping into our minds an incredible amount of information each day. We are being overwhelmed by a volume of information that makes us more confused than we are knowledgeable. We are experiencing a brain fog which leads to difficulty in understanding and decision making.

Information overload can make us feel physically and emotionally overwhelmed. Our inability to process information can be a weakness, as when we watch a magician regulate our perceptions when guiding us to stare at one hand while he does something else with the other.

Our thoughts and beliefs create our emotions; our emotions guide our mental and physical health. If we control our thoughts and the information, we are receiving then we can change its effects on our minds and bodies. 

Emotions are a vital part of our lives. Whether we are laughing at a humorous story or feeling upset about an event occurring in our life, we know that our highs and lows can significantly affect our well-being.  

Fortunately, we can improve our emotional outcomes before the occurrence of a disturbing event or negative after-effect ever occurs. Through preparation, we can eradicate the problematic emotion before it affects our lives:


1) Select an event that usually prompts an unwanted emotion. If you recognize that you typically get agitated when you do not prepare before an important meeting, then focus on that event and do not leave the research to the final minutes. Leave your house earlier than you have prior and you may notice traffic does not upset you. In the same way, if there is another person whom you find exasperating, then determine a new path to keep from coming across that person.


2) Shift your attention. If another person, make you feel you are of a lower rank or that individual appears superior, then shift your focus away from them and onto others who are also not yet at that higher level but help you feel more confident about your abilities. Even more effectively, focus on accomplishments, and ultimately you will increase some of the strength you want.


3) Modify your thought processes. At the center of our emotions are beliefs that motivate them. You experience sadness when you feel a certain something is gone, angry when you choose to believe that a vital goal is hindered, and happy in expectation when you are confident that something good will soon be arriving. By shifting your thoughts, you may not have the ability to change the circumstances, but you can change the way you accept the situation that prior was disturbing. The exchange of thoughts leads to sadness with feelings that in its place flow toward happiness or any case leads to contentment. People who experience anxiety may believe that they will embarrass themselves in front of others with their mistakes. Help yourself to relax by learning emotional regulation and self-hypnosis techniques that help control thoughts and judging of yourself harsher than you realize.


This 3-step approach is one that can readily use in most situations that cause difficulty. Recognizing the emotional triggers can assist in bypassing those difficulties in the outset. The ability to control our thoughts and reactions will increase self-assurance and the ability to identify what seemed unachievable. With continued use, negatives will be changed into positives and give your life a better reality and emotional fulfillment.


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