Indulge yourself in powerful life changes

Grandparent reading a bedtime story

Do you know anyone who is so self-focused that they seem to dwell on everything that was going wrong in their lives? They may not quit talking about their difficulties.

Perhaps you wondered what was wrong with that person that their lives were so out of control as they experienced one crisis after another. They possessed enough problems to last several lifetimes.

Realize that their outer life may merely be a reflection of their inner world. Knowingly or unconsciously, that person is attracting more of what he or she is thinking about the most. Most likely, he or she is dwelling on everything that could go wrong or get worse.

Our thoughts do elevate us to joyful heights or cause us to drop into despair. When we are thinking positively, we bring or attract positive situations and people. But when we focus on a negative part of our life, we invite more negativity. So, it would help if we cleared our clutter, confusion, and any negative thoughts from our minds giving ourselves an intention to manifest one of our desires.

Believe you deserve it, be expectant and be ready to receive it. Keep a mental picture of having it. Feeling and expressing gratitude for the blessings that you have received. Your thoughts are charged with positive or negative emotions and are seldom neutral.

If you want great things in your life, you need to be kind or grateful. Not only today but every day. Find yourself some piece of ecstasy, some harmony, a memory of joy.

Think about the last time you were tucked into bed and someone close to you, maybe a parent or grandparent, read you a bedtime story. More likely than not, you felt safe and secure and then were able to go to sleep quickly. You probably did not know at the time that this technique was known as β€œsoothing.”

As adults, we are challenged to find ways to calm or soothe ourselves to reduce anxiety and calm our minds. Even though society may question the need to care for ourselves as adults, self-soothing techniques are essential to reduce stress and depression and achieve overall well-being and a positive state of mind.

Unfortunately, we are not often taught the art of self-soothing. In its place, we are encouraged to tough it out in a distressed world. But that technique does not come in handy during difficult times. Though, self-soothing techniques do; they involve engaging in a pleasant or enjoyable event. For kids, this is easy since it usually consists of the art of playing.

So let me show you an example:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in with a comforting thought, memory, or fantasy.Β  It can be an activity that you enjoy or have not been involved in for a long time. It may involve reading, going to an art museum, taking a walk, watching your favorite TV show, taking time to organize your closet, or talking with a friend. These pleasant events also result in distraction, which can help quiet your mind.

Once you are in that comfortable thought, memory, or fantasy, then send it to others around you, your universe, as a gift. Preserve your mind as you replace the thoughts that were once clutter, worry, and fear. Do not give up your mental energy on negative thinking. Just let it go. Just let go. Bringing a positive into your mind will draw more of that into your life.