How does your body feel right now?

Walking down steps

When looking at an unpleasant reaction to an event you have had, imagine you in a four-story building. On your first floor, there is the event: perhaps the event is tripping over some wires around your computer table. Your brain recognizes what has happened. On your second floor is pain. Your brain is well equipped…

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Hypnosis in the treatment of anxiety- and stress-related disorders

Self-hypnosis training is a fast, cost-effective, non-addictive, and safe option in place of medication to care for anxiety-related conditions. Multiple experimental pieces of literature on self-hypnosis in treating anxiety and stress-related disorders, including anxiety associated with cancer, surgery, burns, and medical/dental procedures, have been published. Research has also provided findings regarding self-hypnotic treatment of anxiety-related…

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Finding therapy and support can be confusing

It’s nice to have somewhere to talk about your difficulties, but is that the reason for therapy? As a Registered Nurse and a Hypnotherapist, this is one of the frustrations I often hear when people schedule their appointments. These conversations either occur when I have someone arrive for their initial screening or while I am…

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