Finding therapy and support can be confusing

It’s nice to have somewhere to talk about your difficulties, but is that the reason for therapy?

As a Registered Nurse and a Hypnotherapist, this is one of the frustrations I often hear when people schedule their appointments. These conversations either occur when I have someone arrive for their initial screening or while I am trying to advocate for them to continue with another treatment used together with our program.

It’s very common for people to question. One thing about therapy is you should notice a change while making that change. It is not like medication where you take a drug targeting symptoms, and maybe those symptoms go away. Therapy is about taking time to treat a wound and not continually rehashing the source of the wound.

Ultimately, success with your therapy means that your symptoms have improved or are lessening. You notice you are accomplishing your current goal(s) or improving your self-awareness outside of therapy.

Finding therapy and support can be confusing. Here are some tips on how to get help, from understanding insurance websites to keeping track of the bills.”




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